The Daygame Podcast #17 – Mini Returns With Two Questions That Sum Up Any Man

Posted on August 26, 2010

Mini’s back!

She’s been away for a few podcasts now so it’s great to have a small, tiny girl back on the daygame sofas. We’ve decided to only have special guests once a month so we don’t literally run out of guests (guests have to be in the london area as we always have guests come in to the studio), so this is the first of the official non-guest shows where the Daygame team get a chance to relax and just throw a bit of banter around.

Good fun podcast, sprinkled with a seasoning of advice. Hope you guys enjoy the new format!

Podcast Notes

Topics Covered:

  • Passion
  • Adventurousness
  • Unpredictability
  • Spontaneity
  • The Two Questions To Sum Up Any Man
  • “It doesn’t really matter that much what you look like. It all comes down to confidence in yourself.”

    “Be Passionate”

    The way to have confidence in yourself is to do more with your life: swim the channel, rescue kittens, whatever. But rather than just focusing all your energy on daygame, go and explore your passions.

    Don’t think that daygame is all that we’re able to talk about. I love graphic design, Mark loves poker and Yad loves music.

    Whatever your passion is, make sure you always have it going on in your life, as this is how to really become an interesting person.

    “Be Adventurous”

    Instead of just having crazy ideas, actually go and do crazy, adventurous things.

    By getting experience doing more and more things, you are going to inevitably get more and more confident in all areas of your life.

    You’ll have more crazy stories to tell and be a more interesting person as a result.

    “Be Unpredictable”

    This is something we really covered in detail in our

    We talk about the four basic vibes that attract women: dominance, playfulness, understanding and authenticity, and girls just love it when they don’t know which side of you they are ever going to get.

    This ties in with what we talked about in the second in that so many guys constantly walk around with this social mask on, and therefore only giving off this one, superficial, monotonous vibe, that is not at all attractive to women.

    “Be Spontaneous”

    This ties in with being adventurous, and is also something we talked about in the .

    Imagine if your default attitude towards everything in life was to just take action, no matter what. Imagine whenever you experience uncertainty, you act anyway; imagine how much you would have learned from life, and imagine how much fun you would have had along the way.

    The Two Questions That Sum Up Any Man:

    1) Do you give blood?

    According to Minnie, this shows girls whether you think of others before yourself, and how empathic you are.

    2) What is your favourite animal?

    Again, according to Minnie a girl can learn a lot from this, as it is an indicator of how imaginative you are.

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    • Roy  » 

      Yeah Minnie’s back.
      She was missed. Welcome back.

    •  » 

      That was a trippy podcast… there’s blood everywhere!

    • Maz  » 

      So… The third question was?

    •  » 

      Yes. I need to get off this damn computer and stop reading all this PUA stuff. Just go out there and live life! I need to not think so much about daygame and just make approaches and not be too concerned with the outcome. For once I need to be comfortable being a bachelor. For once I need to get back to finding my old passions and hobbies – painting, bike riding, etc. There’s more to life than daygame – life is great! Let’s stay active and persue our passions, career, and finish college.

      • VegasTroy  » 

        Nice Puma. Do it! :)

    • James  » 

      Anyone else having trouble downloading this via iTunes?

      •  » 

        Hi James,

        Thanks for bringing this to my attention – think I found out what might be the problem, it should be fixed now. Could you try downloading it from itunes again?

        • James  » 

          Still getting error -39 :-(

          •  » 

            The podcast is working for me and I’ve had no other complaints – try this:

            • James  » 

              That works. I had tried to delete any cache/temp files but couldn’t find them. Thanks mate, will listen soon.

    • Caveman  » 

      Lol,this was hilarious :-)

    • Lightning Kev  » 

      surely when you give answer the question about animals, if you have a valid reason for it then its ok? ie if you were saved by a dog when you were drowning in a river having a dog as your favourite animal is pretty legitimate i reckon?

    • RJ  » 

      This is my favorite podcast. You guys are so funny.

    • Andy  » 

      Some people don’t give blood because they have taken drugs :)

      • VegasTroy  » 

        On a train…in India. LOL!!!

    • VegasTroy  » 

      It took me three hours to get through this one what with all the rewinding and wiping the tears from my eyes.

    • ManOfScience  » 

      If Mini wants to give blood, she should load up her pockets with rolls of coins before going in. Do anything to make it appear that you meet the weight requirements. This won’t work if your so far off that you need to carry an anvil, but if you get close enough, they will waive you. They don’t make you remove clothing when they weigh you and usually they’re not very conscientious about checking it out. Give blood, save a life!
      Fun podcast, guys! If Mini recovers the 3rd question, I’d like to hear it.

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