How To Get A Girl To Date You Instantly (Instant Date)

By on May 28, 2010

Getting phone numbers? Awesome – plough on fellow daygamer! You’re doing well! But there is another route to take the interaction if it is going well.

Your next mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take a girl on an instant date.

So the purpose of this video (and article) is to explain how to get a girl to date you immediately, instead of getting her phone number and organising a date for later.

Firstly, you have to check for logistics during the conversation. If she’s meeting friends in 5 minutes, or needs to catch a bus, then the chances of her agreeing to to come on an instant date with you are small. If she has nothing to do for the next half an hour though, then you know that the logistics are on your side.

An easy way to find out what she’s up to during the conversation is just to simply ask her what she’s up to – or even better, make an assuption about what she’s doing now, and in the next half an hour, and she will correct you if you’re assumption is wrong (thereby giving the logistical information you need).

Once you’re sure an instant date is on the cards, it’s all about suggesting it in the right way.

If you want to know how to get a girl to date you instantly, follow these easy steps.

Step 1 – Tell her you’ve got to shoot off to do some shopping/meet some friends/etc in about half an hour.
If she knows you are only available for about half an hour this will increase the chances of her agreeing to come along, as she won’t be worried that you want to spend all day with her (incase you turn out to be a crazy person!).

Step 2 – Tell her you were about to go and grab a quick coffee, and it would be cool she came along.
The fact that you were going for one anyway takes off more pressure, as you’re not going too much out of your way just for her.

Step 3 – LEAD.
It’s not a question; ‘would you like to come along?’ – you’re saying it like ‘come on, i’ll buy a coffee. It’s just round this corner’. And start walking with her. It’s all about leading – taking all the responsibility away from her. All she has to do is ‘go along with it’, which is what will happen in most cases, providing the interaction has been going really well.

The cool thing about this kind of instant date technique is that even if she says no, it leads smoothly into a number close. Just tell her something like “ok cool, well i’ve gotta go cause i haven’t had a coffee all day and I’m feeling pretty tired cause i didn’t sleep too well last night. We’ll do it another time – *get phone out*, put your digits in there and i’ll text you in a few days when I’m free.”

Hope that helps guys! As usual, any comments on this article “How To Get A Girl To Date You Instantly (Instant Date)” leave them below!

– Andy

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14 Comments ... Read Them Below or  Add One
  • A great video yet again. I never knew how to do that. Would you say it’s actually easy just to go for an instant date close than a straight number close, since it makes the number close are more likely possibility? Also, when are you going to put up a video on how to deal with groups? I now duck out of approaching them since I’ve tried but always ejected from them because they simply went stale every time, so I was doing them a favour as well as me haha.

  • Bierbaron  »  May 28, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Very, very, very nice video yad. But I have something to mention at that point:

    1. Make sure that your ID (instant-date) won’t last too long. An ID beyond 30min builds up comfort/rapport in order to reduce flakyness, BUT ID have some huge pitfalls. They also kill attraction at some point. Imagine that: You stopped her and told her that shes very beautiful and that you are going to meet her. Shes really attracted but make sure to spike attraction at some points during your ID.
    Every Day2/date I got was w/o an ID before. (and im doing daygame for 1/2 year). So keep your ID as short as possible. I realized that your comfort/rapport during the ID isn’t a result of your talk. It’s a result of investment and bouncing. She would likely say something like “He’s the first guy who took me to a coffee store right after approaching me. I cant belive it that I followed him to the ATM.” rather than “We got a so incredible connection” (except you got a hammer rapport-game)

    2. If shes not willing to go for an ID and she has obviously some time it’s probably OFF. Dont take her number if you wanna save some money.

    3. You dont need to ask her if she has some time. At some point at your game you feel it. You feel that shes in hurry. So dont lead (too aggressive) but say something like “Look, I see you are a bit in hurry. Actually, I wanted to grab a coffee with you. But do you know what? Hear (get your phone off your pocket), put your number in my phone so we can catch up.” Be social callibrated.

    @andy: you didn’t answered my email :(

    • Email? I’ll have a check. I’m REALLY behind on my emails! I reply to everone so I will get back to you! Promise!

    • Not sure I agree with what you are saying here about length of the date, but good to have experience shared here, but I’d be interested in what Andy and Yad say about instant dates.

  • Chachaji  »  June 1, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Awesome ive always wanted to know how to transition into an instant date, without sounding like ive got nothing better to do then spend my time with a random hot girl i just met! lol

    Its really smooth the way you do that Yad, i can definitly see that working, Cant wait to try it.

  • Me and my wing got an intant date yesterday! It was a pretty easy one…tourists looking at a map..i opened with “you girls look lost”…turns out they were looking for a bar so we brought them to one nearby!

  • No offense, but this was obvious. I was hoping for some special tactic, but it’s so simple…

    • Well the beauty of it is that it is “simple.” I think to many guys, myself included, are complicating things for themselves by looking for that super awesome technique that’s really hard to pull off. And then when they do finally pull it off, it isn’t as effective because the girl senses that you are trying to hard. lol I have learned my lesson the hard way.

      Everything about Day game should be EASY. So I think the simpler the technique the better.

  • Your tips are helpful, ID brilliant I would normally go for a number close!

    I am just starting out approaching singles, I have some openers but they feel naff and like canned material. Any good day-game openers going around?

    • Check out the video on how to compliment girls properly.
      Basically you just ask yourself what you like about _that_ girl (no generic compliments!) and you go up and tell her.

      The other thing you can do is to listen to podcast number two with Sasha. He gives a lot of info on what to use to open a girl. Funny lines (like accusing girls of stealing stuff), playful touching etc.

  • Hi Yad. I got mad respect for you bro. I like your stuff! But you would look so much better with a shave and a haircut. Got to be honest bro. Thanks for the video!

    Pua Puma

  • Yad = legend

    this video = excellent

    and please disregard any “constructive feedback” in this comments section.

    @Puma: Yad looks great already. AND his look is part of his true personal image. It works great for him and there is no need to change it in the slightest.

    @Bierbaron: they are interesting observations and they may work for you but there are counter arguments for all of your points. At the end of the day, if your game is tight and you are good with women then an instant date an excellent thing to do.

    Andy and Yad are kings of Day Game

  • i was just listening to this and the idea of the question game, that sasha seems to love, popped into my head. My question is if you get the instant date, is it ok to go ahead and do the question game, or would you save it for the technically 2nd date?

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