Daygame Unmasked

By Andy Moore on August 11, 2013

Just been chatting with my mate Knut who runs the Morten Hake Summit over in Oslo with Morten Hake, and we’ve agreed to do something awesome for you guys.

Last year I did an awesome talk which has been in their private members area available only to the guys who bought their online product… but I’ve managed to convince him to let me give it to you guys, completely free :)

So here it is. I’m really proud of this talk, please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

If you wanna catch me at this year’s summit, I’m not presenting, but I WILL be there hanging out, so if you are interested in coming (if only just for the amazingly hot norwegian girls!) then click here for more info, and come say hello when you see me there.

Speak soon!

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8 Comments ... Read Them Below or  Add One
  • Terance Bee  »  August 11, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Great talk Andy, good job! What a nice misc of philosophy and practical advices.
    I follow your blog over 1 year now and bought several of yir products. There is one thing that is never mentioned:
    Doing the unconventional interruptions is there a difference between using: “can I tell you sth really quickly” and “can I tell you sth random/ a bit crazy/ a bit cheeky” is there a situation where you would prefer one over the other? Would be great if you could help me out! Cheers

  • Awesome talk Andy!
    The view about being unmasked is very true, though oddly enough, the effect of being rejected with a mask on was opposite for me.

    I started with night/club game and while I kept getting blown out time and time again being new and super uncalibrated trying out lines and caveman style kino etc, then I’d have a good laugh with my friends about them, deep down I had this feeling, almost like a small voice that just kept saying “What are you doing? This isn’t you.”
    Then when I started going out daytime solo (still new, like a week in or so.) and while I barely move past (or even into the heart of) the attraction phase before she left, it still felt good because I had a chance to put my real self on the line. I didn’t put up no stupid mask, it was me as is, she can either take it or leave it.

    To each it’s different I suppose.
    Anyway just putting my minimal experiences out there haha. Awesome work keep it up!

    My name is Keith, and I have a level 85 Orc Shaman still in Orgimmar somewhere.

  • Hi Andy,
    I’m French, I live in Paris (I’m a girl). I fell across your videos on Youtube a few days ago and at first, I must admit, I thought all this daygame stuff was crap. I thought it was all about teaching guys a few tips and tricks on how to easily seduce girls in order to have sex with them, charging expensive bootcamps where loosers would just waste their money and players improve their skills.
    But after watching this video, and the “Five things that will change your life” one, I now understand it IS about changing your life and finding self confidence in order to at least MEET girls, something some guys are apparently totally incapable of, and very frustrated about. Now your “daygame crap” doesn’t look so bad after all 😉 Players will always be players, and don’t need your advice to do what they do. But if your teaching can help the nice guys, shy or scared, to come and talk to us in an appropriate way, then thank you.
    So let me send you a hug, Andy Moore, hoping I didn’t get it all wrong.

  • Hi Andy

    Thanks for your knowledge, if only I knew this 10 years earlier, my whole life would be different, and now after learning with you and your team, I can start to live life like it should be.

    keep up the great work.
    Kind regards
    CJ :-)

  • Great talk Andy, very inspirational and funny too! Now it’s time for me to go out and put it into practice…

    Keep up the good work mate :)

  • That was great ! realy inspiring ! Thank you !

  • It’s a great filling when one break free of boundaries which we believe in which are not real. What you teach actually changes many aspects of a man’s life. You helped me find myself, accept myself as I am and try to improve and I’m grateful for that. I hope you reach anywhere and get anything you want in life.

    Amin, Tehran, Iran.

  • Very motivating stuff Andy – you’re a great public speaker. Keep it up

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