The 4 Essential Points (In Order) of Every Approach

Throughout my years of teaching and approaching, I have discovered that there are 4 essential ingredients that make for a great first impression, they come in order and you can’t miss one like a crucial segment in a song. These 4 points are the main difference between a warm reception or a cold shoulder from a girl. Needless to say, recite these like a spiritual mantra every time you do an approach.

ONE: Space & Pace

Before you start your approach towards her, you must assess her space and manner of movements or lack there of. Is she walking fast, ambling in a mall or stationary? When you’ve taken this into account, you can cut down on any mistiming issues such as coming in too quickly when she’s walking fast, then bumping into her and by the time you say anything she is already off. Or if she is strolling around in a mall and you come at her with a full-on “Yad stop” where there is no real need, a simple brisk walk around her will do the job nicely.

TWO: Eye Contact

Approaching a girl without a couple of seconds of eye contact is like trying to slice an orange with a spoon in public, it’s clumsy and socially awkward. You simply must make eye contact before saying ANYTHING, this is one of the most neglected areas of Daygame, it’s what will elevate you to suave and socially calibrated status in an instance. The real difference between her wanting to be seduced or her being defensive and giving you a hard time is good strong eye contact in the first minute.

THREE: Projectile Voicing

If you want to make a strong first impression, you must belt out your words with a forceful guttural energy. This is what makes a girl respect you and is the easiest way to show that you’re comfortable expressing yourself and hence must be a powerful man who knows how to own his intentions and the space around him. Simply put, if you go in with a soft whimper then you’re a weakling she can do without, but if you go in with a full-on veiny erection of a voice then you’re the all conquering man she wants to get with.

FOUR: Enthusiasm

Love the moment and show enthusiasm for it. This is the most underrated area of Daygame, men constantly underestimate how much being expressive and energetic matters in the first minute or so, in fact your love for the moment is directly inverse to how much love you get back from her. Put simply, Daygame without a strong burst of enthusiasm in the first minute is totally uncalibrated. Think about this scenario for a second, you’ve just seen a friend of yours that you haven’t seen for a while, your delighted and so stride across the road to surprise him. Just imagine how you would accost him in that situation, would you go up to him with a low cautious bit of energy or show great enthusiasm for the moment, the latter is definitely how we would all act with our mates. The reason is because you’re certain you hold value with your mates, so you become expressive and unfiltered. Being enthusiastic for the moment is how every approach of mine that has led to a lay has started out, a burst of expressive and happy energy and then eventually going into a normal conversational voice about 30 seconds in.

So there you are, the 1, 2, 3, 4 to make the best impression with any girl, anytime, anywhere. And as always would love to hear your feedback so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think below.