About Daygame.com

Daygame.comRewind to 2006 and Andy Yosha was a shy and girlfriendless graphic designer with a complete lack of confidence in attracting women. Getting a design job for PUATraining in London meant that he happened to cross paths a year later with Yad, an infamous self-taught daytime seducer who went against most “pick-up” advice.

Hanging out with Yad and absorbing his direct, spontaneous style of approaching women triggered a massive change in Andy, who began teaching the “daygame” elements of bootcamps. With Yad as his mentor and friend, Andy’s fell in love with the authentic, humble way of meeting and attracting women during the day.

In 2009 Andy took a leap-of-faith decision and founded Daygame.com, confident that this new style of interacting with women would spread like wildfire. With his friend and business partner Mark Mowgli, the website was launched and rapidly gained notoriety for its novel content and fresh philosophy. Yad was made Executive Instructor and the company was born.

After teaching thousands of men the art of the direct street approach, Andy and Yad decided to distill their teaching structure into a Daygame Blueprint. An epic three-day live event under this name was filmed in May 2011 and released as a product by the end of the year.

Tom Torero and Jon Matrix became Executive Instructors for the company and took on the teaching on the bootcamps in the summer of 2011, with Andy spending every waking moment behind the scenes building and developing the business. Now an international brand, with live events from New York to Moscow, the company has spread its wings and officially flown. With podcasts, articles, blogs, videos and infield teaching, Daygame.com spreads the word around the world that day is the new night.