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You likely encounter dating advice every day, in all forms of media, from television programs to magazines. It’s a road often travelled. And searching for it is likely how you ended up here.

It’s great to see men who are willing to work at bettering themselves and improving their dating life. The only problem is that most of the dating advice out there is either idealized to serve an emotional plotline, or just plain wrong and counterproductive.

Most articles are just copying dating advice from other articles or writers, many of whom have been divorced several times. Or they’re pulling their insights from their romantic ideals of how the world should work if humans were perfectly rational beings. Sadly, that is not the case. Therefore, their dating and relationship advice will not help you to become happier and more successful in your love life.

The blind truly are leading the blind.

With that taken into consideration…

Why Should You Listen To Us?

Because we base our dating advice on pure, real-life experience through a series of tested and proven methods.

We don’t sugarcoat it.

We don’t lie to avoid offending or bursting a few bubbles.

We deliver the upfront truth, because we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients experience success beyond their wildest expectations. And the only way to experience that success is to know and respect the true nature of women, and the realities of dating.

Most of our best dating instructors started out frustrated and confused at the dating process… until they realized that it’s actually a learnable skill that you can develop, if you follow the right advice.

When you’re walking around in a delusion, thinking you are doing the right thing, while all the results (or rather lack thereof) indicates that something is way off… it’s frustrating for you, and it feels like a missed opportunity for us.

When you’re enjoying a happier and more fulfilled sex and love life, because of our free dating advice… that makes you happy, and in turn you’ll be able to confidently confirm that our dating advice is the real deal. And this attracts more people to our services, which makes us happy. It’s a true win-win!

We Know Exactly How You Feel: We’ve Been There

We understand the pain of not feeling in control of your dating life. And we have endless compassion and sympathy for all men who struggling with it.

All of us at come from different circumstances. But we each started with that same desire to truly master the dating and relationship aspect of our lives. As a result, we have dedicated countless hours, over several years, to getting out there, approaching, talking to and dating women.

We have been scared. Naive. Idealistic. Misguided. And we have been rejected countless times. But with time, we have also learned and grown to become confident, educated and enlightened to the true nature of dating. And we have become successful beyond our wildest dreams. We have met, attracted, flirted with and dated stunningly beautiful women, and continue to do so today, on a frequent basis.

Walking The Walk

Based strictly on experience, we know what works. And just as importantly, we know what doesn’t. We have seen how much of what you are told are ‘the rules of dating’ are just plain wrong.

(You would be shocked to learn how much of the relationship advice you’re told will make women like you… are actually completely ruining your chances of attracting them forever).

All the time, we look around us and see how the majority of men fall prey to the same mistakes, time and time again, without even realizing what they are doing wrong.

The good news is, this can all be fixed. You just need to re-educate yourself, and get your facts straight about how the world of dating really works — from guys like us, who have racked up tens of thousands of real-world hours interacting with women.

We’ve gathered all our experiences — our successes, our failures, and everything we have learned from taking massive action on this part of our lives — and boiled it down into a system. We’ve refined it all into a series of simple, actionable steps and principles that are easy to teach and, more importantly, easy to learn.

Every week, we coach guys from all ages and walks of life, and help them to grow into confident and attractive men. And we watch them walk away with stronger self-esteem, and all the tools they need to continue their journey to dating mastery on their own. We want to give the same gift to you.

Life Changing Dating Advice For Free

In this section of the website, we will continually be posting effective and applicable free dating advice. You can read, watch and learn how to achieve success with women beyond what you ever thought possible — at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

We will cover every aspect — from meeting women and asking them out, to teaching you how to create amazing dates, all the way up to initiating a sexual liaison and establishing a relationship. You need to know the truth about all these things.

Many of these free dating tips and insights will probably shock you. And they will definitely conflict with what you have learned about women and dating in the past. But it does work, and there will be changes in your life.

You have to take action though.

Many people promise you that everything will be fixed simply by reading something. But that’s not how it works. You have to take what you read out into the real world and apply it in order to fully understand how it works.

Before you read on, you have to make yourself a promise. You need to promise that you will go out and apply this stuff, rather than just talk about it. Because our most important mantra here at is:

‘Less talk, more action.’

Are you in? Good. If you’re ready to take control of your dating and sex life, and achieve a level of freedom with women that you never even thought was possible, then…

Let’s Get Started

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These articles are really just the tip of the iceberg. We save all our best advice for our inner circle of email subscribers. And if you’re at all serious about getting this area of your life handled, you need to get on our list immediately.

What you’ve read here is really just the tip of the iceberg. We save all our best advice for our inner circle of email subscribers. And if you’re at all serious about getting this area of your life handled, you need to get on our list immediately.

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