Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to learn lines or routines to pick-up girls?

No. The majority of information about “pick-up” has evolved from meeting girls in bars and clubs where going “indirect” works. At we don’t teach any lines or routines, but we show a structure and sequence for how to do it. We provide you with examples of what to say, but we focus more on the overall underlying Blueprint.

2. Can I use your system on my college campus?

The Daygame Blueprint is designed for stopping strangers on the street and complimenting them. On a college campus this “Capture” phase could well be too direct, so you need to be more “socially intelligent” and use your environment to your advantage. Open girls indirectly or situationally (e.g. ask directions, get some study advice, ask about parties) and become the social guy (join clubs, go to socials, set up events). From here on in, the rest of the Daygame Blueprint applies exactly.

3. Can I use your system on a girl in my office?

As above, this approach needs more “social intelligence” as the Capture phase is not needed. The Attraction phase is just the same (statements, teasing, push-pull, self amusing), as well as the rest of the Daygame Blueprint, but perhaps done over a longer period of time.

4. What is the Daygame Blueprint I keep hearing about?

The Daygame Blueprint is the underlying structure that we teach and follow here at for meeting and attracting women during the day. It isn’t a manual full of lines and routines, but a map showing you a reliable, efficient path to becoming successful with women. The Daygame Blueprint summarises how to stop a moving girl on the street (Capture), compliment her and get her attracted (Attraction), build comfort and keep it real (Rapport) and then move things towards sex and a relationship (Seduction). Click here to find out more.

5. Can I use Daygame in bars and clubs?

As long as you can have a conversation with a girl (i.e. not on a dance floor of a really loud club) then, technically, yes. However, there are numerous hurdles that have to be overcome in a night-time environment like a club, which other pick-up styles are designed specifically for e.g. loud music, her friends, her “bitch shield”, other guys as competition. Nevertheless, a Daygame-style approach can work really well in pubs, smoking areas, terraces and bars with a relaxed vibe.

6. Can I use Daygame in coffee shops / bookstores / malls?

Definitely, but you might need to tone down the Capture phase to mirror the environment. Acknowledging the “elephant in the room” and telling her that you know this is random in a bookstore, but you had to come over and whisper to her that she looks nice, removes the increased social pressure of approaching in a confined environment. After she’s hooked on your statements, the rest of the Blueprint is the same.

7. How do I become an instructor for your company?

We do not actively advertise for new instructors, but select from guys that we have seen in action – on the street and based on their results. These might be ex bootcamp students, or guys who we’ve heard about through word-of-mouth. Our instructor initiation process involves shadowing existing instructors until competency with teaching, as well as picking up girls, is achieved. Let us know if you think you’ve got what it takes and we’d be happy to see you in action.

8. There is this girl that I’ve liked for ages in my class / store / town / office…

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that your question shows you’ve become way too emotionally attached to one girl, and it’s more than likely that this neediness is what’s causing part of the problem. The good news is that there are 3.5 billion other women on the planet, and daygame can very quickly create an abundance of women in your life which will make you forget about the one girl you are currently hung up on.

9. I live in a small town and was wondering if daygame is a good idea?

If you live in a place where there’s a limited number of attractive girls that you’ll run into again and again, there’s two options. Either you have to begin conversations with them in a more situational, indirect manner (and then carry on with the Blueprint structure) or go to your nearest larger town / city to practice daygame in its entirety. Cities with a large enough population for things to be anonymous and transient are ideal.

10. How do I open two girls together, or a group, in the daytime?

The Daygame Blueprint works fine on two girls, or groups, as long as you’re clear who you are attracted to and that you keep the other friend(s) occupied. Slightly higher energy in the Capture and Attraction phases can also work well.

11. How do I open two girls together with my wing?

One of you approaches the two girls from the front and follows the Capture phase, then after the Assumption Stacking the wing comes in and strikes up a conversation with the other girl. The one who approaches first chooses which girl he likes and focuses his energy on her. Both of you can number close, or just one of you while the other chats away to the second girl.

12. Will you be coming to my town / city to teach a bootcamp?

The demand for bootcamps is increasing month by month, and we are already branching out geographically. Let us know if you’ve got a group of guys in your town or city who are also up for it, and we’ll get back to you.

13. What happens on a bootcamp?

Our bootcamp consists of two days of infield training. There’s no lectures or seminars, it’s all street based (except coffee stops and video analysis). You’ll be shown how to warm up (“State Shifting”) and then taken through each stage of the Daygame Blueprint, from stopping a moving girl to taking her for coffee or swapping numbers. Our two instructors will demo each stage of the model in front of you, and show you where you need to make changes. Wireless microphone technology is used for this. You’ll also be filmed on both days approaching girls and then we’ll break down your footage with you to help you improve. Watch this short documentary about the bootcamp here.

14. How is different from all the other “pick-up” stuff out there? believes in an honest, humble and life-affirming path to meeting and attracting beautiful women in the day. No lines or tricks, no manipulation, no routines, no “DHV stories” or “peacocking.” What we set out is a roadmap, not a manual. We believe in cultivating and developing your best self, which when combined with this manner of meeting women is inherently attractive.

15. How do I know this stuff works? I mean, I’m too old / too young / too tall / too short / too fat / too skinny etc…

We’ve taught clients from 16 to 60, all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. We know what we teach works both from our own personal transformations and from what we see happening in front of us when we teach.

16. I suffer from approach anxiety (AA). What’s the best way of getting rid of it?

We use a tool called “State Shifting” – going from a place where you’re in your head and rational to a state that’s spontaneous, flowing and present. State Shifting means not trying to just get AA to vanish, but to do it in steps: smile at stranger in the street, ask for directions, banter with shop staff, give compliments to strangers and leave, then finally give compliments to pretty girls and try to get them to stay.

Over time your AA will decrease as you become desensitised to direct daygame and your State Shifting will be faster. The short term daily momentum will change to long term momentum. Going out and practicing is the only way to “get rid of it.”

17. I can get a girl’s phone number but I get lots of flakes and my date game is not that tight. Can you help?

Flaking will always be part of the game, but as your initial daygame street interactions get tighter your flake rate will go down. To avoid flakes for now, try making your interactions longer (5-10 minutes) or take her for an instant date. On a date, make sure you’re not over investing. She should be the one opening up about broad topics (her past, her ambitions, travel, what she loves) with you relating. Don’t make them too heavy (dinner/cinema) but keep them to a couple of drinks and leave her wanting more.

18. When do you escalate in the daytime?

We don’t suggest that you should escalate on the street (verbally or physically), but rather let your intent be known through sub-communication (eye contact, voice tonality, posture) and leading. Kiss-closing on the street is fun, but high risk as it can easily trigger buyer’s remorse.

19. I can stop a girl and give her a compliment, but then my mind goes blank. What do I say now?

This is probably the most common question we get. You need to learn and practice the fine art of making creative, attractive statements. Tom Torero and Jon Matrix break down the Daygame Blueprint live infield showing you how to make these statements here.

20. What kind of compliment should I give a girl? Is “sexy” too much?

“Sexy” or “hot” are high investment compliments that put the girl on an immediate pedestal. It’s far better to go in with a low investment compliment like “nice” as you will trigger the rejection switches of far less girls, especially when you’re starting out.

21. I want to give daygame a try. What action plan do you recommend?

That’s great. Watch the Date Against The Machine to give you the outline of how the Blueprint works. Hit the streets of your city around three times a week, for two hours at a time minimal. To conquer AA use State Shifting.  Find someone to go out with to make the whole process more relaxed – either a friend or someone from the café forum who lives in your area. Begin to record mp3s of your interactions to listen to where you’re making mistakes.  Keep at it – momentum is everything!

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