futureprojectionWith more and more guys following our advice and getting success with approaching, we’re now getting asked about how to get a girl to date you. If any of you guys are having problems with flakes, I’d recommend you try this.

Future projection is basically the act of “painting a picture” for the girl of a future scenario you two might participate in. It usually makes up the difference between a good close and a SOLID close.

Essentially, I use future projection to ESCALATE the relationship with a girl. In describing a future scenario you are assuming that your relationship together will continue outside of the confines of the club/bar/street. And because you describe it in an attractive, seductive and/or romantic manner the girl will want to be part of that. It’s almost like you’re presenting a fairytale here, or a fantasy, and she gets the opportunity to step into the shoes of the main character.

Also, getting her to contribute towards painting the picture is great because it becomes a co-creation, which she takes responsibility for… so naturally she’ll want to fulfill it together!

I’ll illustrate how to get a girl to date you using future projection with a few examples..

First case is with a Norwegian girl I hooked up with a while back. We’re in a bar, and I’m on my way out when she walks past me. I stop her with a remark about her eyes, we get chatting. I have a good sexual vibe about me. I sit her down and we talk for a while, the content of which was irrelevant since I was being sexually-direct with my body language/behaviour which superceded the conversation. Soon enough, before the kiss or after I can’t remember, I say something to the effect of “Imagine if we had a room to ourselves right now… and a big king size bed with silk white covers. Imagine what we’d do to each other! The hot air of a balmy summer evening caressing the curtains as it flows into the room. The sounds of a jazz bar outside quietly ringing around us. The heavy breathing…” You can see where I’m going with this. Within a minute it went like “I have a hotel room (her)”, “Cool I’m done with this place let’s go there”, “Ok!”.

This single act achieved so much. Basically, it put her in the right headspace. No longer was she in a bar, she was in her hotel room bed with me. In describing this scene, I am getting her subconscious to agree that this is a cool and desirable scene to be in. It also demonstrates that I am a romantic man, and that I am in tune with her emotions – describing the sounds, the feelings, the taste etc. It also demonstrates leading qualities since I am in control of the scene. I am leading her through the story.

The key to getting a girl to go on a date with you is to place emphasis on the scenario rather than the girl as this makes it seem more romantic. Really think about this. When you are expressing your desires for the girl you are making her out to be a sexual object, which is fine, but it might make her too self-conscious. However, when you are expressing your desires for a scenario you are prioritising the adventure… which is much more appealing to a girl’s logic.

In the second case I’d just pulled a right lil Peruvian hottie (extracted but no fuck coz she had a train to catch) and she was headed home to catch a flight to America that morning (for a month, then back in London). In the course of our banter we mentioned going to Paris. After we’d departed ways I called her as she was headed from the bus back home, and I started describing our adventures in Paris (bear in mind I know little about Paris)… “We’ll skip the streets together hand in hand… then we’ll find a nice bratisserie and order croissants and gaze into each others’ eyes from across the little white table… I’ll take you to the top of the steps at the Sacre Coure and from within my arms you’ll watch over the whole of Paris as the sun goes down… then at night we’ll take a bottle of wine down to the lawn under the Eiffle Tower and watch it shimmer against the star-lit sky… we’ll kiss tenderly and then passionately as we give up restraining our desire for one another… I’ll take you in my arms to our room and lay you down onto the bed…”. I could hear her melt over the phone. Every time I paused she let out a little “ohhh” type whimper. The effect this all achieved aside from immediate sexual state was those love attachment feelings, since I just matured our relationship massively in the space of a few minutes describing a scenario which hasn’t even happened yet, and may never happen. When she added me on Facebook the next day I saw she’d written that she’d fell in love last night…

This is very powerful shit guys, and by using it you will have the power to get a girl on a date with you – and generally have much more adventurous dates, than you would have had otherwise. Future projection is not a solution in itself but rather an avenue from which to better EXPRESS yourself which you may not have considered much previously. The effect it has is to rouse deep passionate desires in a girl because it’s tapping into her sexual/romantic fantasies, just like a descriptive erotic novel would do. Or you could use it just to set up a date “Yea we’ll dance in the rain along the cobbled stones of Covent Garden then I’ll take your hand and lead you under shelter by the neon signs of a café shimmering as reflection in the puddles by our feet… then I’ll shove you against a lamp-post and kiss you hard”. The key being you can’t be a boring logical date-chode if you do paint such an adventurous picture for the date, else it’d just be plain underwhelming. Instead play on the idea.. (on the date) “there’s no rain so I’ll have to wet you myself” *takes water bottle and squirts her in the face*.

Next time after you’ve just met a girl and you mention “going for coffee”, “showing her the sights”, etc, launch into a fun/sexual/romantic description of how the date is going to go down and you’ll find she’ll be a lot more interested than your average number close

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– Mark Mowgli