Ok, this is a super secret, new pickup technique that I have recently invented, so that you know how to get a girl to like you before you approach; I call it smiling.

– Anti-climax or what, you’re probably thinking!

Okay but here’s the big secret:

**You need to smile when approaching a beautiful girl in the daytime!**

– Now that’s two let-downs and we’re barely into the article! Come on Andy; we’ll remember to smile in future, why have you dedicated an entire article to smiling, with such an alluring title?

You say that now, but I just know that I’m gonna see another miserable, sulking gloomy guy approaching the girl of his dreams in Leicester Square tomorrow!

The problem with smiling is that it is so simple that we all forget to do it sometimes. Guys who’ve read a load of pickup material no longer appreciate the potency of a great smile. But it’s by far the easiest way to demonstrate that you’re a fun, cool, confident guy.

Also, as we’ve discussed in the article on body language, your psychology follows your physiology; meaning that if you smile a lot, you will actually put yourself in a better mood than if you look miserable all day.

If guys starting out are having a hard time, and not really getting anywhere, it’s understandable that they would think that they need to do something extravagant when approaching, or to have this magic line to deliver when attracting women. But in reality its the little things like smiling that really matter.

If you’re new to this, I promise you that if you really focus on the basics; body language, voice tone, fashion, facial expressions , et cetera, you are going to have the epiphany that we all have when we get good at this, “Is it really that simple!?”

In regards to smiling, what are guys doing wrong?

There are two wrong roads that guys can go down. Firstly, some guys will happily approach a girl that absolutely knocks their socks off… however they refuse to do so without this doom-laden expression cast upon their face.

In this case you have to ask yourself, ‘Why would a beautiful girl want to stop and talk to someone who looks so miserable?’ I certainly wouldn’t.

So in order to engage a girl when you approach, you need to sell how you feel about her with your face. When you are approaching a woman, have a smile already dancing across your face before she sees you. This is not acting. It is simply projecting your true feelings with your expressiveness. Yad did a video about hot girls being more receptive to a direct approach, aside from the factors he mentions in the video, another contributing factor towards this, is the fact that your approach is so much more genuine, and how much you want the girl is conveyed that much more. So something that I urge you to practice is to be more expressive with your true feelings, so that a girl is really gripped by your approach.

The opposing problem that guys have, is that they must have read somewhere that smiling is great, so they decide to go out and approach every girl they see with a demented smile that screams “Look how happy I am!!”

It doesn’t take much to explain why this doesn’t work. All I’ll say is that if you keep doing it, you risk decades of celibacy. Your smile needs to be congruent with how you’re feeling, or as The Killers say, “Smile Like You Mean It” 🙂

You don’t need a cartoon grin, but as a general rule I like to say: “The faster the girl is moving, the bigger the smile you need”. So if she’s sprinting at full speed, you need to be laughing hysterically!

Also once you’ve transitioned away from the opener, there is no need to continue looking like Mr.Happy for the entire interaction. Chill out, relax, and have a pleasant conversation. Yad did another great video in which he explained how the first 10 seconds of the approach should differ from the rest of the conversation.

That’s all well and good, but how to get a girl to like you before you approach?

There is one last tip I in regards to smiling that I must bestow to all Daygamers. If you manage to do this one simple thing, it will radically change all the results you have doing Daygame.

Before ever learning game, if ever I caught eyes with an attractive girl in the street, my smile would go from 0 to 100 in a matter of milliseconds. Think about it, you only have about 0.1 seconds to have an impact on someone before their glance passes you by, so most guys choose to adopt the full-tilt smile approach. The problem with this is that it looks weird, and leaves a girl thinking, ‘Why did that guy suddenly start smiling weirdly at me?’ This type of smile is seeking rapport with a girl. In other words, it says ‘Hey, I’m nice guy, won’t you approve of me so that I can come and talk to you?” If you’re walking around with a ‘default face’ of gloom and misery, then this is pretty much the only option that you leave yourself in order to force a response, if you catch her eye. Her initial impression of you, will then be one of a weird guy, and if you decide to approach her from here, this impression is just going to perpetuate throughout the interaction.

Instead, it is much better to always have a half smile on your face. The way to make use of your beautiful, charming smile is to have it already on your lips and twinkling in your eyes before making eye contact. That way you are seen as the happy, confident person you are.

Then as you walk past a girl you will already have had a little moment with her. This warms up the relationship, and makes a great first impression, so that when you run back around to approach her, she is almost guaranteed to stop as you’ve already had this little moment with her.

This sounds very simple, and it is. But the effect of having a ‘moment’ before you approach is astounding.

So go out there, attracting women with your smile 🙂


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