The Daygame Manifesto

Andy “Yosha” Moore
London, England
Monday, 11:31 p.m.
February 17th, 2014

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to hold the power to meet, attract and infatuate as many new women as you want, without compromising your integrity as a man… so you can create an abundant dating life from a place of authenticity and freedom, and eventually meet the girlfriend of your dreams… then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here’s why.

You’re a victim of a huge scam.

All your life, since the moment you first started to understand language, you’ve been told that who you are is not enough.

They made you believe that you need to be taller, slimmer, more muscular and more “manly”. That you need to have lots of money… and drive a sports car… and display signs of “alphaness”… and wear designer clothes… and hang out in “exclusive” clubs, poisoning your body with alcohol, and offering girls drugs and free drinks.

They convinced you that you were too smart. Or not smart enough. That you were too short. That your ears and nose were too big. That your voice was not macho enough.

(These same bastards are brainwashing women too… and making them believe they’re too ugly, or too fat, or too old.)

But it’s all just a lie! The people who told you all this wanted to make you feel inferior, incomplete and unsatisfied. Because, they wanted you to spend all your hard-earned money buying crap you don’t really want or need.

How do I know this?

Because this used to be me. In fact…

All Our Instructors Once Walked Through Life
Blinded By Ignorance, And Enslaved By Self-Doubt

And they all remember these dark days, and look back with regret at all the years that passed where they could have been dating beautiful women, and enjoying healthy and mutually-fulfilling relationships. Like we’re meant to.

I was in this position too.

After years of struggle and self-hatred, I eventually decided to move to London. I’d read that famous book, The Game, joined a few Internet forums, and heard rumours about some legendary “pick up artists”… who were out there on the streets of London, breaking all the normal dating rules, approaching women during the day, and dating girls way above their league.

That’s how I first learned about “daygame”. And it changed my life.

Over the next few years, I approached thousands of women, alone, on the streets of London. I gritted my teeth, experimented with different ideas and philosophies… and pushed through countless rejections and constant humiliation until I eventually figured it out.

Finally, I had the keys to complete dating freedom. Finally, I found my confidence and self-esteem. And do you know what the best part is? Unlike all those “pickup artists”, I found a way to…

Approach Women Authentically, And
Treat Them Like Human Beings… Without
Needing Any Of That “Pickup” Bullshit!

And so I set out to spread the word and teach this to other men who are in the same boat I was in. That’s how was born. And everything we do here, everything we represent, is based on the following stand:

Every man, at his deepest core, is already attractive to women.

And if you’re willing to reinvent yourself and your relationship with the world — free from the negative brainwashing and bullshit you’ve been fed all your life — then you can empower yourself to find, attract and keep the girl of your dreams from a place of authenticity and integrity.

Further, I believe that you owe it — both to yourself, and all the people who care about you — to finally get this area of your life sorted out. That way, you can be a positive force within your inner circle of family and friends, rather than an energy drain.

This is the stand I have taken. And I’m staking my entire business on it — as well as the livelihoods of all my instructors and staff.

Today, our mission is to empower 10 million men, to find authentic confidence and meet the girl of their dreams, by 2020.

This includes you too. That’s why you’re here, reading this. And if you’ll give me the privilege of being your mentor and coach…

This Is What I Promise To You:

Put your faith in me. In return, I promise to do whatever I have to do, and be whoever I need to be, to help you smash through every obstacle that stands in the way of you finding the girlfriend of your dreams.

I promise that I’ll listen to you, and honour what you tell me. And I’ll use every resource at my disposal, and search to the ends of the Earth for cutting-edge information and world-class experts… in order to put together products and training events that give you the breakthrough you need, every single time.

(And if I find other products and services that are better than ours, I’ll make sure you know about them.)

Further, I promise that…

I’ll Never Give Up On You

If you reach out to me, ask for my help, put your faith in me, and commit to transforming your life… then I’m going to hound you relentlessly until you either take action, or ask me to stop.

Look. This isn’t a joke. Your happiness and freedom is worth taking a stand for. And if you’re not willing to take this seriously, then shame on you. (I only wish I had someone willing to take a stand like this for me when I was struggling.)

Give your future the respect it deserves, and I promise that…

I’ll Help You Find Authentic Confidence

Because when you have authentic confidence, who you are is always enough to the women and men you surround yourself with. And it’s enough because you say it’s enough.

You don’t have to buy expensive gifts. You don’t have to brag about your achievements. You don’t have to manipulate women into having sex with you. You don’t have to dress like a clown.

You don’t have to put other people down, to make yourself look big. You don’t have to dominate conversations, and make yourself the centre of attention. And you don’t have to impress anyone.

You simply just be. You exist. And you express yourself authentically, true to your own nature — free from the need for anyone else’s approval or validation.

This is what authentic confidence is. And I’ll show you how you can find it yourself, by following the exact same path that thousands of clients and students just like you have already followed to find their own authentic confidence.

What’s more, I promise that…

I’ll Never Let You Abandon Your Integrity

Because, as a man, integrity is your foundation. And the only way to lead a life you’re proud of is to be meticulous about making sure every success you earn comes from a place of integrity. And that means always being true to your word and the way you really feel about something, or someone.

Integrity isn’t about morals, or doing the “right thing”. It’s about honouring your thought, word and deed. You say what you mean. And you do what you say. That is what integrity is.

There’s no room for lying, manipulation, sneakiness or any kind of inauthenticity. There’s no room for any kind of action — even intention — that you wouldn’t want carved onto your gravestone.

Here’s the thing. Most seduction and “pickup” gurus teach men to use scripted routines and “subliminal techniques” to manipulate women into feeling attraction for them. This stuff does work. And it works well. But over the long run it erodes your self-esteem.

Here’s why.

When you approach girls authentically and with honesty…

… you’ll capture hearts. Simply because you’re a healthy, emotionally mature man. And the best part is, they’ll like you for who you really are, and what you really have to offer them. And it’ll leave you feeling good about yourself, and the life you lead.

But when you need to use “secret techniques”, routines or psychology tricks to make women feel attracted to you…

… every single “success” you ever get, every single romance simply reinforces that who you really are behind all the inauthenticity is not enough to attract and keep a woman. It’ll leave you feeling like a piece of shit, and ashamed of the life you lead.

Take a good look at all the “pickup artists” and seduction gurus. You’ll see that they’re little more than empty, emotionless shells, bereft of any capacity for genuine human warmth. Is that what you want out of life?

I promise that I’ll never let you forsake your integrity. Not on my watch.

Listen. I told you that who you are right now is already enough to find, attract and keep the girl of your dreams. But don’t get me wrong. We have a lot of work to do. We need to untangle a lifetime of emotional knots and deep-rooted bullshit first. And that’s going to take some doing.

I know I should be telling you that there’s a magic pill. Some long-forgotten secret that will transform your world, overnight. After all, that’s what all the Internet marketers are telling you. But the truth is…

You Have A Journey Ahead of You

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long journey. Nor a difficult one. But it is going to require some faith… plenty of courage… and all the good old-fashioned grit you can muster.

This isn’t about mental masturbation. This isn’t about feel-good, motivational seminars… where I tell you that you can do it, and we all hold hands and make positive affirmations together, and then go to the woods and have a picnic with the Easter Bunny.

This is hardcore self-development. And if you’re doing it right, you should be shitting your pants every step of the way.

But I promise you… if you let me lead you through this journey… if you put your faith in me, and follow the tried and tested advice I and my instructors give to you… then you’re going to arrive on the other side of this journey as a new man, with an abundant dating life and freedom unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

I’ve seen guys like you transform hundreds of times before. And when you have arrived… the world will never seem the same again.

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Andy “Yosha” Moore

P.S. One more thing…

We love women here at And we’re here to enrich their lives and empower them, through the men we coach who will one day be their boyfriends, husbands and fathers.

Remember, we’re all working on this together.

Women want to meet charming, attractive men. They’re also reading advice columns in magazines and buying products to help them attract and keep an honourable man. And we’re going to help you become a once-in-a-lifetime catch.

But you must promise me something first.

We’re not out to take what we want, and then leave a trail of misery and heartbreak in our wake. Promise me that you’ll always leave every woman you meet better than you found her. Always.

If you can’t make that promise, don’t sign up. You’re not welcome here.