1. Not enjoying the process of discovering this great new super power of a skill: You are on your way to be the man who meets beautiful girls anywhere and any time. Bloody enjoy the ride and take your ego out of the equation, she’s not judging you but judging your communication skills. Approach 10 girls and enjoy every single bit of bad nerves leaving your body and feel your self becoming more and more relaxed, sexy and social.

2. Not going in with a smile: Smile and your first impression/voice/facial muscles will be amazing, frown and you will sound desperate and unattractive.

3. Not projecting your voice: Express your voice like she’s a good old friend you haven’t seen for ages: This makes your approach ultra congruent. We tend to only be loud when we see someone we have value and rapport with, so if you let your voice assume rapport you will be on to a winner. The more people around you that hear you, the better, and the more relaxed she’ll be.

4. Not keeping strong eye contact: Smiley and strong eye contact will help make for immediate sexy vibes, only briefly break it during the first 5 minutes of conversation.

5. Coming in from the side and not standing in front of her: Stand still in front of her, and as face to face as possible in the first 5 minutes, since any other position indicates inferiority. Far too many guys approach from the side timidly and then clamour her to a halt. And when she stops, it looks like she is in the walking away position and your trying to get her attention. Your voice and vibe get needy immediately as body language dictates the energy. By going in front of her face to face you will create immediate parity and rapport.

6. Twitching your limbs: keep your legs completely still and gesticulate with with your arms only.

7. Talking about logistics rather than making emotional connections: make the conversation about her emotions and not how far she lives from the centre of town, so if she says she’s from the suburbs, say something like “Do you feel like your a city girl now or still a suburban at heart”

8. Telling random stories about your life rather than making sure it relates to hers: So if she says she has just graduated out of university, you can ask her about it and relate to her with a story of your own about your university experience, not your office life.

9. Not keeping the conversation about her mostly: Talk about her so you have more info on her, therefore easier to tease and display your relevant knowledge. Everyone loves talking about themselves, and in the beginning she has more value with you than you do with her, so it’s only right you talk about her until you build your value up in her eyes.

10. Not teasing: Teasing is essential in building an attractive and sexual vibe for yourself. Especially if your not great looking, the only way you can actually build attraction is through teasing and making her feel like your in cruise control.

11. Not having a self amusement vibe: have fun being in the moment rather than thinking of her as a person you need in your life. That’s a bad vibe that will kill any sexual interest she might have in you. Be willing to laugh and walk away at all times, a carpe diem vibe creates natural sexual attraction like nothing else.

12 . Playing it too safe: Say one ballsy thing in the middle of the conversation. Far too many guys have vanilla latte conversations and when they walk away the whole experience has been forgetful for her. For example, let’s say she says she loves animals, don’t be afraid to say something like:

You: “So what’s your favourite animal?”

Her: “I love cats”

You: “Oh no why do I have to meet the crazy cat lady”

Her: *laughs*

You: “And what do you think is the sexiest animal?”

Her: Playful “your crazy” reaction

You: “No because me and my mates were saying if we had to sleep with one animal, what would it be…I went with giraffe, since I love a long neck.”

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