One of the most frustrating aspects of learning Daygame is getting lost in the melee of your progress, things can get stagnant and seem hopeless with no directional map to make sense of your learning progress. I have seen many students feel really frustrated and have the wind taken out of their sails, leading them to give up on this most essential skill for every man. It is critical you understand the Daygame learning curve to know exactly which phase you are in and which techniques you need to employ to move forward to the next level. 

For example, one of the most annoying phases when learning Daygame is when you have a cautious vibe about you and come out with boring conversations and get numbers, yet when you go and text her there is little to no response from her. Now this can seem despairing when you’re grinding away in the thick of it, you’ve just spent months being able to confidently go up to a girl and have a conversation, get numbers, and it’s all a thankless task. If only you knew that this was merely a phase of the learning map, then suddenly you’re seeing a very bright and achievable light at the end of the tunnel.

Before we get into it, always remember to have as your motto “It’s not me, it’s my communication skills”. This way the spotlight is on the correct aspect of yourself, not the personal one but the social skills one which can always be improved. This single nugget of truth has helped me surmount some of my biggest obstacles in life. Below you’ll find a very helpful step-by-step learning map as you embark on gaining this most beautiful, life changing, skill set. I’m confident that with this roadmap in your hand, you’ll be guided to attracting the girls you’ve always dreamed of. 



PHASE 1: The Approach – This is the first crucial learning step for any budding day gamer, when you can walk up to her without much hesitation. There will always be a bit of hesitation, especially in your first five approaches of the day but rest assured with enough practice this hesitancy will only be a little blip on your way over to her.

PHASE 2: The Compliment – When you can utter the first 30 seconds smoothly but get flustered when she replies back and you feel like fleeing the scene.

PHASE 3: The Observation Stack – When you can respond to her reply by stacking your observations, but still don’t last long enough for a proper conversation to flow and the vibe is choppy.

PHASE 4: Self-Awareness – This is when you’re not lost in the moment like a deer in the head lights, and you can clearly feel where you went wrong even though you can’t help but make those wrong turns a lot of the time.

PHASE 5: The Grandma Chit Chat – When you’re able to have a nice and okay conversation, but unable to make a deep impression with your surface-level, restless conversation and conscious, filtered vibe. There is a major lack of teasing and self-amusement. However you’re doing really well to get to this stage, because it’s only a matter of time before you’re totally present and pushing her right buttons.

PHASE 6: The Flakey Number – With boring conversations and low-spirited vibes come numbers, but no replies or at least low investment replies. She certainly is not showing any real signs of wanting to continue the moment you had together.

PHASE 7: The Sexy Vibe – This is when you’re in the moment and feel like you’re one with the flow of the conversation, there is no real filtering going on in your head before you express yourself and your both just enjoying the vibe, your eye contact is strong and is as though you’re both in this sexually charged bubble.

PHASE 8: Text Speakeasy – This is when she is completely happy to text you back and is willing to meet you again for a date with an easy invite like a coffee or cocktail. 

PHASE 9: The Date – This is when you’re completely at ease during the date, it will take some time, as you might have to go on 50+ dates to completely feel at ease. Part of the problem here is you don’t get as much date practice as the initial phases where you’re able to go up to 10 girls an hour if you so wish. To master the date, you must go through phases 1-8, but by going for instant dates as much as possible at Phase 7, you can really cut the learning time span on this. Your first few dates could be a regurgitation of phases 4, 5 and 7 until you’re completely at ease.

PHASE 10: The Boudoir – This is when your dates are smoothly heading towards the bedroom, a place where you feel totally comfortable in and you know that if you pulled a move she would reciprocate happily, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” and you’re confident that when you go for that kiss, it’s game over.

In terms of timeline, every man is on his own path, so if your job or previous experiences in life have made it easy for you to be able to approach a stranger and deliver a compliment without any hesitation then that person will develop at a faster rate than a guy who would find that idea horrifying. But another guy who sucks at the first 7 phases could be amazing on a date, so he’ll steer her right into the bedroom whereas the guy better at the initial phases might totally struggle with the date due to a lack of confidence in this area. However, if I had to put a number on it it would be anything from 5 months to 3 years, depending heavily on factors like how much time you can invest and personal ability.

As always comment below and let me know what you think 🙂