The Daygame Podcast

Every week at Daygame HQ, we will be producing a new podcast focusing on a different aspect of Daygame. We are going to be joined by a different guest every single week, from other seasoned Daygamers, to specialists such as voice coaches and acting coaches.

We want these podcasts to reflect the underlying nature of our site, as anyone can learn all about Daygame, without ever having to spend a penny. From listening to the podcasts, you will gain the necessary skills to naturally meet and attract beautiful women when going about your normal, everyday life.

Aiming to help as many guys with Daygame as possible has resulted in months of hard work putting the studio together. We consider our podcasts to be the best possible way of educating guys about Daygame, in a fun and dynamic manner. In order to do this we have ensured that the podcasts are of the highest possible quality by investing in the most professional equipment available.

I really hope that you guys get the most from these podcasts by going out each week and applying the skills and techniques that we have talked about. At the end of every podcast, we will make suggestions as to what action you can take to implement the topics that we have been discussing.

I know that here at Daygame HQ we are all ridiculously excited about doing these podcasts, and we hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as we love putting them together.

I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s feedback, and imminent success stories, so please let us know how it all goes.